Long Time No See

Hey, to anyone reading this. I barely use this website honestly. But that’s about to change (fingers crossed)!

I have been fortunate to come into possession of a beautiful new camera, a Sony A6000 that I absolutely adore, and a few wonderful lenses. I can now start shooting photos and video again! It feels amazing to be able to work again, even though there will be challenges due to COVID. But I’m very very positive! And excited!

Here’s to 2021 hopefully being better than 2020 ‚̧

Blooming Again

cropped-56429298_2202235439799370_7811387364902699008_n.jpgPhoto by @phanypaccc

It is April of 2019! Wow…life is crazy.

The flowers are blooming, birds are singing, bees are buzzing and the air is perfumed with the soft, warm winds of Spring.

I am very close to my 23rd birthday as I type this out.

23 years on this beautiful vast Earth, breathing, traveling, creating and rejoicing this gift we call life.

I want to create a life I am proud of. A life filled with beauty. A life where I can help others feel beautiful.

I tend to lose the fuel to keep going.

It’s always up and down with me.

But I want to press on and prove to myself that I am capable of accomplishing great things.

It just takes focus.

I need to focus.



My name is Jayla Breanne Parker.

I am 19 years old, a junior at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a nature enthusiast, and an artist. Thank you for visiting my site! In the coming weeks, I will be uploading content from my various portfolios from my work in college.

See you, soon!